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Down memory lane with Kate Walsh and her “Boyfriend” eau de parfum.

11 Mar


His scent will seduce you , make you fall in love and

 will help you to remember,

 that passionate affair at the end of which you had to say goodbye,

but a memory of it will last a  life time.

Perfume is a romantic love story in a bottle,

after a spray or two it touches your skin and lingers for hours giving you that butterfly filling like you felt  on your first date ,

a romantic dinner and a night on the town  

or a quite walk in the park where you only exchanged a couple of words but it was the most fun afternoon you both ever had .

Today actress Kate Walsh

 best known for her role in ” Grey’s anatomy ” and ” Private Practice ” and

 now founder / owner of a beauty and lifestyle company Boyfriend LLC,

poured one of her past love stories in the bottle and named it 

” Boyfriend ” eau de parfum.

It was successfully introduced and got us all excited on 11/11/2010 exclusively on HSN ( Home Shopping Network )

and it was officially launched on 02/02/2011 exclusively at Sephora stores.

Story behind the scent

The idea for a fragrance came several years ago , after a break  up ” I thought , I really miss his scent so

I went to fragrance counter and bought men’s fragrance and went wait a minute ,

 you don’t need a boyfriend to have a boyfriend! Ding Ding Ding! ” said Kate Walsh

” All these ideas just would not leave me alone”. 

In the creative process she was inspired by the scent ” of a guy on the girl “. 

Inspired by him but made for her, there is a definite sex appeal in the combining  feminine and masculine scents together.

HSN and Givaudan perfumery with the nose Marypierre Julien helped Kate bring her idea to life

Beautiful , modern packaging and brand image was created by Chad Lavigne 

 Terry Richardson was a photographer for the advertising campaign where

sexy but tasteful shot of nude Kate wrapped in a sheet, inviting us to

 ” Wear Him “


Top – Dark Plum , Myrrh

Heart – Night Blooming Jasmine , Benzoin Tears

Base – Skin Musk , Golden Amber , Vanilla Woods


Idea for the bottle was a classic shape of Chanel bottle but with a modern twist,

Here is a description of the bottle in Kate’s own words

 ” I love the idea of the names on the back, being able to have all the names written down.

And so we came up with that and put that on the back so we could see it.

It’s translucent, and you can see it shadow of all the names.”

Names like Joe, Rob, David, Michael, John, Steven, Kevin, Josh, Pablo, Chad, Neil and Sebastian

” We wanted a collar and I wanted that whole look of luxe but accessible and affordable.  So we did a faux croc skin around.”

Chad Lavigne created clean, classic yet modern beautiful bottle you can proudly add to your collection.

Where to buy

” Boyfriend ” Eau de parfum is available at and

If you wish to experience the scent before you buy , it is sold exclusively at 

Sephora retail stores.

Sizes and Prices

Products sold at Sephora stores and

Eau de parfum 0.5 oz – $35.00

Eau de parfum 1.6 oz – $65.00

Pulse point oil 0.4 oz – $20.00

Dry body oil spray 3.38 oz – $35.00

Body cream 6.7 oz – $45.00

” The Boyfriend Kit ” includes all of the products listed above , all in trial sizes 

plus a votive candle and red train case (which are not sold separately)

So you can take your ” Boyfriend ” wherever you go.

This kit sold exclusively at Sephora for $95.00

Products sold exclusively at

” Love Potion ” Perfume spray 0.5 oz – $89.95 it is a concentrated luxe version of the ” Boyfriend ” fragrance,

comes in the black velvet pouch, on the front of the bottle Kate’s printed signature with red velvet collar. 

Solid Perfume 0.06 oz – $44.95 comes in black faux alligator zippered case

Ratings and Suggestions 

This fragrance rated Love – ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼  

 As I spray it on my skin the ” Boyfriend ” story is completely unveiled and now it’s makes perfect sense.

Not your average girly smell , instead it is

warm and sophisticated fragrance for a strong confident woman

with a seductive and super sexy twist.

At the very beginning the deep scent of Plum mixed with sweet Vanilla

and then after about 10-15 minutes

combination of Jasmine , Amber and Myrrh blooms in to the beautiful, sweet and spicy seductive potion.

Amazing lasting power , about 5+ hours on the skin.

Great warm fragrance for Fall-Winter season , appropriate to wear to a romantic dinner with someone special in your life,

special occasion or 

conservative evening business affair .

In your Fragrance wardrobe this would be a Pant Suit , Evening Gown or a little Black Dress. 

I suggest to wear it on you neck and pulse points , so it will only reveal itself when someone hugs you or shakes your hand.

This fragrance is appropriate for a sophisticated , strong woman,

a sensual seductress with a romantic soul.

If you like…..

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Cartier ” La Baiser du Dragon ” eau de parfum ( launched in 2003 ) 

Then….you’re going to love

Brand new ” Boyfriend ” Eau de parfum